Girl of Ink and stars

“All things have a cycle, Isabella, a habit of returning the way they came. Seasons, water, lives, perhaps even trees. You don’t always need a map to find your path back.”

The Girl of Ink and Stars follows Isabella Riosse, a cartographer’s daughter, who has to act as a map maker after her best friend Lupe goes in search of a murderer.

I’d heard a lot of mixed opinions about The Girl of Ink and Stars and was quite excited to read it considering how much some adore this novel. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel so positive about it. It was so frustrating! The Girl of Ink and Stars has such potential to be a brilliant story, but it felt like I was excluded from some of the history of the characters and context – almost as if it was being recited to me via Chinese Whispers and I was only receiving the muddled, confused messages being passed around the circle.

The book definitely read as more of a lower end YA novel, racing through the action, leaving me feeling like there could be more character and context development. I’d reach a stage in the story and be ready to delve into some deeper background, and suddenly it would move onto the next action sequence.

Positives? It’s a quick read, which on a superficial level provides a pleasant fairytale-esque feeling. Also, beautiful cover.

Negatives? Lacks depth of character and environment, which might leave you feeling on the outside of a situation where you feel you’ve missed the joke.


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