Fates and Furies

Paradox of marriage: you can never know someone entirely; you do know someone entirely

Fates and Furies follows the marriage of Lotto and Mathilde. It provides perspectives from each sides and attempts to show that the secrets within a marriage are what keeps a couple together.

There was a lot of hype around this book. People were throwing comments like ‘the new Gone Girl’ around and numerous avid readers recommended it to me. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to it. I felt the book tried too hard. Groff uses large amounts of in-depth prose to describe minor details, and even more to cover essential plot points. I feel she set herself a challenge to make the book as appealing as it could be, due to having two such unlikeable main characters who are both self-involved and, frankly, deluded. In all honesty? I didn’t find a single character either likeable, endearing or even interesting enough to invest in them.

Positives? It’s something different and if you’re interested in books that explore differing points of view, you might find something appealing

Negatives? A slow, drawn-out read with unlikeable characters that doesn’t live up to its hype


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